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Welcome to Spot Fire Farm



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Who We Are

We started a little over 9 years ago....


We started with one milk doe and 2 market wethers as 4H projects, and my how we have grown!

We started raising our own market goats and for a few friends with 6 does and as word spread we have grown to breeding 68 ABGA Registered does and 26 Commercial does for kids in OR/ WA/ ID/ CA. We enjoy working with 4H and FFA families across these states and every year our program grows and gets better. We have added 3 new ABGA DNA bucks and 16 open show does to our herd for those kids who want to show ABGA/Open shows.

We also produce USDA prime quality goat meat - Sold live on the hoof. We can also help you start a quality meat producing herd of your own.

We are a clean CAE/ CL/Johnes/Q-fever/ Free herd

Sore mouth, Hoof Rot and Ring worm free 

Thank you to all our clients for their continued support ! 

Chris, Amber, Hogan and Addison McKinney

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Why Us?

We have over 100+ years experience in raising livestock - With my fathers help..... ( thanks dad)


We raise our stock with respect - kindness and an understanding of animal behavior.


We are up to date on proper meds useage and our records.


We Never use meds to increase rate of gain or production.


We have 2 wonderful Vets who helps when a animal needs more than we can give here on farm.. Also a nutritionist that helps to balance of feed program..


We not only sell meat animals but pet/companion animals, so we breed for personality and calm kid friendly nature.


We have a 100% Registered Herd by the USBGA and or ABGA


Being Dutch Ourselves the only kind of goat we could raise would be Boer goats, because the word Boer in Dutch means Farmer. Why Yes we are !!!!!


We are actively involved in 4H and FFA in Market Goats in many counties


Amber was the Goat Chair for the Yamhill County Livestock Auction Committee. for 5 years


Amber is also the Co- Leader of the Boer Goat Society 4H Club.

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We raise Eggs, Goats, and Cows for families who do not have the land or time to raise an animal

Please view the next few pages for more information. Thank You !