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Welcome to Spot Fire Farm



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Farm Fresh - Chicken & Duck Eggs


Farm Fresh  Beef 

Meat Cows - Whole on the hoof 

We will have whole cattle for sale Fall of 2020. 

We are sold out for 2019

If we are out I have a few wonderful contacts who always has meat available, just ask.

Livestock Guardian Dogs 

Livestock Guardian Dogs

We will not have a litter until 2020

Our dogs are Great Pyrenees

We also support the Akbash breed  Maremma Breed.

Border Collie / McNab - Working Stock Dogs 



Wyatt is a Red male Border/Mcnab and Stella is a Red border Collie

We have 4 females and 3 male pups.

IF you would like more information on these pups please drop us a email.


Our Blue Merle Female pup is Piper and she is full Border Collie.

Our Red Tri is a full Border Collie


Pony of America 

         POA Show Ponies 


We Have 4 Ponies ranging in age from yearling to 14 years old.


We give lessons at our indoor & outdoor arena here at our farm. 


We have been training and showing horses for over 22 years.

Meat Goats Live On The Hoof

Sold Out for Spring 2020


Please contact us if looking for a meat goat.

We have a scale and can sell per pound.

Please contact us for more info and or to get on our list .

Vitalix  Goat Protein/ Mineral  Buckets

Fresh Raw Honey


"They do a great job raising a quality product - you will enjoy every bite ! " Harold H


"We had dinner at their house and tasted the wonderful pork and said sign us up - we want on the list" Candace T


"Blue Ribbion Quailty all the way around!"  Anne H

"They have raised a few animals for us in 2012 and we are booked with them to raised more in 2013". KC


"From Show Horses to Livestock they know how to do it RIGHT! Always a pleasure doing business with you!"Chris J


We are active members of the groups listed below.


Amber is a active board member of the Yamhill County Fair & Auction Committee in Goats.


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We raise Eggs, Goats, and Cows for families who do not have the land or time to raise an animal

Please view the next few pages for more information. Thank You !