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Welcome to Spot Fire Farm



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Goats For Sale on our Farm

Please look below for the goats we have for sale as of 1/4/2020


All of our goats are Up To Date on Vaccines, Wormer and Hoof Trims.

Our goats are Registered with the ABGA, unless stated Commercial.

They are Full Blood - Purebred or Percentage Registered.

We do not Register Market Animals.

Commercial Goats are not registered.

Market Goat Wethers For Sale

We started a list for 2020-2021 wethers in October 2020

 Our List fills fast so please message with any questions.



Our Market goat/Jackpot wether prices are $300.00 - $450.00 and includes that these kids

had all 30, 60, 90 day shots, wormed, Coccidia preventive treatment

hoof trim, castrated. We are not disbudding Boers for 2021. 

We are part of Oregons Scrapie program and tag all goats.

Our goats are fed dairy quality Alfafa and Orchard grass hay, Alfalfa pellets, Grain mix/protein pellets, 

Goat Mineral and Vitalix Goat Lick Pail.

Wethers will not leave our property until they are weaned around 3 months old.

We accept Cash, Paypal and Square Payments.

Please contact us with any questions.

We already have a waiting list started if you would like to be added.

****prices and avaiilbility can change at any time.

Please contact us  if you would like to be put on a waiting list  for Wethers or Doelings.  :-)

Registered ABGA Boer Doelings

Sold Out til 2020 - Waiting List is full on ABGA Fullblood Doelings

 ABGA BoerBucklings & Commercial Boer Bucklings


Commercial Bucklings start at $500.00

ABGA FB Bucks are available from time to time 

Please message me with any questions.



Non- Registered 100% Boer Buckling. ( His SIre was not registered due to non-show correct teat structure - His photo is on our Buck page).


This Buckling is just beautiful and as a very mellow personality like his father.

He will add size and amazing color to any herd.

He is just getting a few small red spots too.

His Dam was a solid deep red.





Commercial Boer Doelings for Sale

We are sold out for 2020  

Thank you to everyone who came and purchased our 2019 percentage doelings

Commercial Doelings start at $400.00 

3 doelings or more purchased together receives a discount.

Please message me for more information.

Registered Nubian Doelings For Sale 

 Sold out til 2020 - Waiting list has a few open spots  

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We raise Eggs, Goats, and Cows for families who do not have the land or time to raise an animal

Please view the next few pages for more information. Thank You !