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Addison and Spot Fire Farm Calamity Jane  - 12/2013 100% Double Registered Boer Paint Doeling

Here are some photos of our Does. We are adding photos all the time.

We have Traditional,

Paints and Reds, and have added both Red and Black Spotted goats to our herd. 

We keep our does for their social personalities, easy going nature and strong mothering ways.

We also look for nice udder placement and the ability to nurse twins and triplets with ease.

They are used to having their feet trimmed and being handled and shaved for events.

Here are a few of our Boer Does, Boer/ Nubian Cross 


 Registered Nubian Doelings.....

A Few of Our Boer Does.

100%- 88% Registered USBGA and or ABGA

We are excited to have added a few Red Spotted doelings and a few Deep Solid Reds to our herd this season.

More photos of Does on the "about" page .....

Registered Nubian Doelings 

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We raise Eggs, Goats, and Cows for families who do not have the land or time to raise an animal

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